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My first doll design was in 1997. Dear Mr Dapper has accompanied me to all the craft shows I have attended over 14 years, throughout Australia. The upcoming Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair, 8th-12th October will be my last show with Mr Dapper and friends.

I began designing through a time in my life of illness and my health is again needing my attention a little, as is my elderly mother.

It has been a wonderful experience meeting so many like minded dollmakers and sharing my designs and tips. I am very grateful for your support and friendship.
The website will remain functioning for you to order and contact.

Please take this final show opportunity to come and say hello and pick up your dollmaking needs and have a final first hand visit with us and the dolls.

Making a cloth doll is such a joy. I have become aware over my years of designing that fear over the drawing of the face sometimes stops the making of the doll altogether. I always think this is sad when I hear of it and encourage you to have a go if you have not already launched into this wonderful process of bringing your little being to life. To overcome any hesitation and to rescue those faceless dolls hiding away in cupboards, over the years I have shared lots of tips and introduced some very useful tools to ensure that you can be happy with the little being you are creating.

My all time favourite tools for drawing faces are Pigma pens and Prismacolor pencils, so I put these together in a handy face drawing starter kit. They are easy to use on paper or fabric. The Prismacolor pencils come in an amazing range of colours and to make your face colour selection easy I put together 20 of my favourite face colours in an economic kit also. Both kits complement one another to create endless wonderful combinations. My book "Cloth Doll Faces" is filled with lots of information on drawing and colouring your faces, including step by step coloured pictures to take you through the process, and lots of face outlines for you to trace and practise. Like with most things, the better the tools the happier you will be with the outcome.

If you feel drawing is not your thing but you are tempted to try a face, we have a large range of doll face stamps. With these you can stamp the outline, then colour the face following the instruction sheet that comes with each clear mounted stamp. They are reusable. For more detail and coloured step by step instructions, the face stamp tutorial is a handy reference to study over and over as is the laminate if you'd rather have it at your side to follow as you work. The doll face book which I mentioned above in combination with the stamps is also a great way to approach those faces. The stamps come in lots of different expressions. The size of each is indicated to help you choose which ones you require.

If you are not inclined to draw your own doll face to begin, or maybe not ever, we produce printed faces in colour on lovely quality quilters muslin. These are designed specifically for each of the flat faced dolls in my range. The latest of these is the ever popular Raggy Rose now with blue eyes. The green eyed version is of course still available

The patterns for all the flat faced dolls have an outline to trace from the pattern sheet, to get you started. There is only one way to learn to draw a doll face and it is of course by making a start with a nice quality fabric, the best quality tools, and some great detailed instructions. The end result will reflect the joy of the process as your doll comes alive. Have a go!

Happy Dolling

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